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The history steam baths (Belediye Hamamı) dates back a thousand years.

Many of the natural spas in Turkey were enjoyed by the ancient Romans. Ottoman Turks build beautifuli elaborate baths to serve their Community, party because Islam demands good personal hygiene and also because bathing is such a pleasure.

In ancient times private residences did not have bathing facilities, so Both the rich and the poor had to go to the public baths. The custom of going to the baths continues and even more so for the Turks as it is a highly sociable affair ans a wonderful, affordable luxury.

Belediye Hamamı Kusadasi (Municipality Bath Kusadasi) was constructed in 1495 by Ottoman Turks and it is one of the oldest Turkish Baths in Kusadasi Western Turkey.

It has been use eversince except for some marbles all the rest is Still Original.

The Procedure is this;

The cubicle for two persons are where you can change and leave all your clothes and tha wrap one of the reddish cloth providedkuksadasi hamam turkish bath arround yourself. You can leave all your belongings (Money, passport, jewelleries in these cabins without any hesitation. You will be lead in to the hot room sit or lie back and relax until you begin to perspire.

The attendant will scrub your body with a special glove which removes all damaged and dead skin tissue. This makes loose dirt you ever suspected was there and stimulates new skin tissue growth.

Traditional soapy massage is performed using special soaps Containing olive oils put in a musling bad is shaken all over you, and then massaged into years younger. And experience not to be missed.


  • You can have bath anytime before or after sun.
  • All procedures takes approximately one hour.
  • This is the only Traditional Bath in the region. The skin, your body is washed from head to toe with this Special Soaps which cleanse and opens your pores and refresh your body.

Back in the showers and you will be swathe in Turkish towels, time the for a glass of elma çayı (apple tea). You will leave relaxed, revitalized, gloriosly clean and feeling 10.